Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Deadpool (2016)

Director: Tim Miller


Wade Wilson/DeadPool- Ryan Reynolds
Vanessa- Morena Baccarin
Collosus- Stefan Kapicic
Negasonic Teenage Warhead- Briana Hildebrand
Weasel- TJ Miller
Ajax/Francis- Ed Skrein
Angel Dust- Gina Carano
Al- Leslie Uggams

All That Hype!!

This was easily one of the most hyped up movies in the last decade. Up there with "Iron-Man" and "The Avengers," and of course the latest "Star Wars" movie.

But this was a movie hyped up in the age of social media. Once it was finally announced, after merely being hinted at for years, people went nuts. They were already making merchandise and Internet memes and so on.
Then when the movie came out, it exploded. Maybe not the highest grossing superhero movie ever (that belongs to "The Avengers"- as of this point, I think), but the highest grossing R-rated movie EVER- beating records set by "The Hangover" and "Bridesmaids."

Even though I am a Marvel fangirl, I wasn't super interested in seeing it. Maybe because I really don't care about Ryan Reynolds. I mean, the dude is good looking, but I think that's the only reason he gets cast in movies. He's hot, but he's just... meh.

Seeing the movie didn't change my overall scope of him as an actor. Still think he's overrated. But as Deadpool, he was bad-ass and FUNNY as hell.

I also thought it was kinda cool that he posted a message on social media, telling kids not to see his movie because it's too R-rated for them.

How Did We Get Here?
Let the spoiler alerts commence...
The way we do with a lot of movies- my dad saw it in in-flight and could not stop raving about it. So of course we had to run out and get it when we went to the shore house that following weekend.

Some of the jokes, I'll admit, were funnier when he told them. But the second time around really won me over. And I thought that since I hadn't updated this blog a lot in recent months it'd be a good excuse.

For the record, he also hyped about "The Big Short" and how Steve Carrell's character reminded us of someone we know. Bought as a father's day gift.
...it wasn't as good as he said it was or, really, what everyone said it was.
It's based on a book based on the truth behind the housing market collapse. As if the subject matter wasn't already a HUGE turn-off, but I couldn't understand anything. The movie critics and reviewers said it was easy to follow because they broke the technical stuff into layman's terms.
But they did that across celebrity cameos and it came off to me as cheap.
If we watch it again in the future, we have to turn the volume up and put on subtitles because I couldn't hear or understand a word.

As for Deadpool himself, in one of several 4th wall jokes throughout the movie, he said the reason he got this gig was thanks to "someone whose name rhymes with Pullverine."
I remember Ryan Reynolds in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"- he was part of a military outfit with Logan and used bad ass sword skills. Then it was believed he died... except he came back as this unrecognizable guy that the comic nerds knew to be Deadpool. He and Wolverine had this fight at the end of the movie and the result of it was Wolverine suffering the amnesia he dealt with in the original X-Men movie.
Again, really cheap... made as much sense to me as how "X-Men: First Class" explained Charles Xavier becoming paralyzed. Just a cheap shot (literally) that they threw in at the end of the movie as if they realized "oh right, this dude's paralyzed- quick, we need to write that in."

...yeah, I'd been in a bitter mood lately, my apologies.
But since the Wolverine movie, there were rumors of Deadpool getting his own movie and it finally happened.

Now I'm finally going to talk about it.

This is a Love Story Horror Movie Many Things

There is so much to this movie that I really don't want to go into too much detail. Gotta watch it at least twice to get all its little quirks.

In the origin stories of the Avengers (Iron-Man, Thor and Captain America), we always started in the present, flashback to discuss "how we got here," and progress steadily forward.
In "Deadpool," there are so many switches from the present to the past and back again that it gets a little disorienting at first.

And much like "Iron-Man," there was a 20-30 minute period of the movie where I desperately wanted it to move forward. Tony Stark was stuck in a cave for 3 months. But Wade was being held captive in an underground laboratory where he became Deadpool. This was the so-called "horror movie" plotline and I hated it.
Because he was being tortured and was suffering so much that his sense of humor never came to lighten things up. We had to ride it out until it was finally over and he was able to make his escape.

Why was he there in the first place? He fell in love with Vanessa and found out he had terminal cancer. So when someone sent word to him about an experiment treatment towards a cure, he went for it.
Only downside- it disfigured him permanently and if not for quick thinking on his part, he'd have become like a lot of other recruits... slaves Francis would use to fulfill his goal, I think, of world domination.

Ok, enough of the dark stuff. Let's get to the fun parts.

I believe Ryan Reynolds did his own stunts for this movie, which were bad-ass, obviously. But the biggest highlight for me was his sense of humor. We first meet him as Deadpool, but when we go to the flashbacks, up until the torture scenes, that same cutting sarcastic sense of humor remained. Sometimes the illusion of awesomeness goes away after a character is "unmasked"... but I didn't feel that way here.

Now as Deadpool, Wade Wilson has a sarcastic sense of humor with an axe to grind... such a killer combination. You'll see this in the montage where he's mowing down Francis's associates. My favorite part of the whole movie- thanks in particular to one running joke (you'll know it when you see it).

He and Vanessa worked because they had the same twisted sense of humor. And of course the same sexual appetite... which may be in part because I think she's a prostitute and stripper.
Didn't know this until I looked her up- she played Gordon's girlfriend Leslie on "Gotham"... I was never sold on that relationship. Especially since Barbara is the name of Commissioner Gordon's wife in the Batman movies... kind of a dead giveaway, don't you think?
And she was way too adamant about Jim Gordon not being Jim Gordon- aka the future commissioner of Gotham.
Seriously- when can we age Bruce Wayne so he can become Batman? I'm over all the back story and setting up :P and I want Penguin to be the supreme villain of Gotham. He's such a cool character and he keeps having to deal with his former boss, Fish Mooney who REFUSES to die.

Yeah, my thing with "Gotham" is that I love the storyline and the characters and such. But I draw the line at everything that has nothing to do with the main Batman story arcs. Things that weren't in the animated series or the movies. Cut the fluff and stick to the script.

On that subject, Ryan Reynolds and the cast improvised a lot of their lines. THAT is why the movie worked so well. It felt freer and less restricted. So the humor is funnier.
The 4th wall jokes- I love a good 4th wall joke and they're done so tactfully in this movie.

TJ Miller is hilarious in "She's out of my league" and "Silicon Valley" but oddly enough he takes a backseat to the other actors. Doesn't get as many jokes other than the fact he put money on Wade in his bar's "dead pool" (gee, that sounds like a great superhero name, don't you think?) but because of the experiments, now he can't die.

Ed Skrein plays a great British villain in Francis. So evil you want to punch him in the face until it hurts... except he can't feel pain- his little side-effect from the experiment he used on other people.

Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead are some other great characters. Early on, Colossus tries to recruit DeadPool for the X-Men and causes him a lot of trouble. But the trio wind up working together in the end and both have their moments of hilarity.

Lastly- I love the Wham! references (even though I can only name a handful of songs, can't deny the awesomeness of "Careless Whisper").
And also- stick around until the end of the credits. It's worth it, trust me ;)

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