Thursday, December 10, 2015

Salvaging the 2016 Golden Globe nominations

These past couple years, I've been on top of this stuff. I recognize most of the films and people being nominated because of the hype they'd received.

Not only did I just find out the nominations came out this morning... but I don't recognize ANY of the nominees.

Okay, that's not entirely true... but it's jarring when so many names that I thought would be there are missing.
Like, where the hell is "Creed?" Why wasn't Michael B. Jordan nominated? People are saying the movie's so good and he's so good in it. The only nomination went to Sylvester Stallone as supporting actor.
This was a movie I was looking to see maybe this week because of all the accolades it's gotten. Now, it feels like I shouldn't even bother if I can't even brag that I saw a movie that got nominated for something.

All the movies being nominated- I've seen NONE of them and a lot of them I've never even heard of.
Carol- after seeing Cate Blanchett in the cast, I recognized it was that movie about a lesbian couple... is it even out yet?

And forget the TV nominations- so many of them are shows I don't even watch. Some are Netflix series I'm never going to see because I don't have Netflix (and wouldn't have time for said series even if I did).

Rob Lowe continues to be a source of frustration for me. In "The Grinder" (which I think I've flat-out refused to watch because the premise is stupid), he plays lawyer without an actual law degree, but he "played one on TV." Based on commercials alone, his character seems like an idiotic, uneducated version of Robert Downey Jr.'s lawyer character in "The Judge"... so how come Rob Lowe gets nominated for the exact same role and RDJ doesn't? I don't care if the win was a lock for Eddie Redmayne last year- the nomination would have been nice.

And for that matter, where is RDJ's Star on the Walk of Fame? So many other people that he can act circles around have gotten them before him. People with far less experience. I feel like I have to go "Shawshank" on the committee who gives the stars and send them a letter every day until they give this man what he deserves.
He's been clean and he's been extra brilliant for 10 years now. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?!
[Also, is there a rule against an actor getting their hand/foot prints at the Chinese theater AND getting a star? I know he has the hand/foot prints already... that's the only conceivable reason for his lack of recognition. His "record" shouldn't be holding him back anymore- he's paid his dues and is THRIVING]

So going by TV... the only nominations I'm really excited about are Viola Davis for "How to get away with murder" [the show itself should be nominated too!], Lady Gaga for "American Horror Story: Hotel" (simply because I'm a Little Monster- I haven't seen the show and I'm waiting for a freaking marathon so I can binge-watch it... or see one episode and freak out so much that I won't bother with the rest) and Oscar Isaac for "Show Me a Hero"

I keep waiting to see him do TV appearances for "Star Wars"- GMA gave me a taste yesterday, but it was maybe 45 seconds of him and 2 minutes of trailer footage.

Also, I hope Jon Hamm wins for "Mad Men" because he's never won and it's his last chance. (Didn't like the one episode I saw of it, but you hate to see someone get nominated dozens of times for the same role and not get awarded).

"Silicon Valley" is the only comedy TV series I'd seen of the nominations, so I'm backing that. [WTF are "Casual" and "Mozart in the Jungle"? Never heard of either of them].

*** Back to the movies

I probably shouldn't blog angry, but I need to vent about all this. I was on top of all this and suddenly... I'm not... I can blame my obsession with figure skating for it, but considering the crazy state of our country and the world right now, it's one of the few things that keeps me grounded (which is odd to say considering that ice is a slippery surface by nature).

I'll just list all the movies and go through this... and be pissed of that I'd seen none of them and most of them aren't even out in theaters yet.

  • Carol (probably going to be wide release only)
  • Mad Max: Fury Road (Didn't this movie got a lot of bad reviews? WTF?!)
  • The Revenant (I just know Leo is in it and he got nominated for it... it probably isn't the type of movie that interests me... like so many of his dramas)
  • Room (never heard it!)
  • Spotlight (it's got my vote- I know it's about the cover-up of Catholic priest molestation allegations)
  • The Big Short (that's a comedy?! It's about the 2008 bank bail-out :( )
  • Joy (it's got my vote- we have J-Law, Coop and DeNiro in this one- the more I see the trailers, the more I want to see it)
  • The Martian (NOT A COMEDY! ...I've heard rave reviews about it from family, but I just can't get excited about a space movie. I had no desire to see "Gravity" or "Interstellar")
  • Spy (I didn't think it got enough rave reviews to be considered... but okay)
  • Trainwreck (my second choice behind "Joy"... even though I didn't get jazzed enough about it to see it in theaters)
I just noticed that Meryl Streep didn't get nominated for anything this time... but I can't get my hopes up too high. There's always the Oscars. They always find an excuse to nominate her for something.

With actors... let's see ...

  • Bryan Cranston for "Trumbo" (no idea what that movie is...)
  • Leo DiCaprio for "The Revenant"
  • Will Smith for "Concussion" (I would have substituted him for Michael B. Jordan)
  • the win is going to either Eddie Redmayne ("The Danish Girl" has gotten TONS of accolades, especially because of him) or Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs (because why not? so many people say he's so good he's scary in this)
  • Christian Bale and Steve Carell for "The Big Short" (again, this is a comedy?!)
  • Matt Damon for "The Martian" (the movie isn't a comedy... but the nomination is deserved.. I'll give the win to him)
  • Al Pacino for "Danny Collins" (What is this movie? And are they contractually obligated to nominate him too?)
  • Mark Ruffalo for "Infinity Polar Bear" (I remember him promoting this movie, but I don't remember what it's about)
  • Paul Dano for "Love and Mercy" (Wasn't he the lead?)
  • Idris Elba for "Beasts of No Nation (What is this movie?!)
  • Mark Rylance for "Bridge of Spies" (I completely forgot about this movie... where are all its nominations? I thought having Steven Spielberg as a director was a lock for these things...)
  • Michael Shannon for "99 Homes" (I think I might have heard of this movie... but I forget what it's about... they did a promo for it once MONTHS ago)
  • Sylvester Stallone for "Creed"
  • ...I've got no predications for this one...
Then for actresses (not including Meryl Streep for once)...

  • Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara for "Carol"
  • Brie Larson for "Room" (again, what is this movie?)
  • Saorise Ronan for "Brooklyn" (heard a lot of good things about her in this movie)
  • Alicia Vikander for "The Danish Girl" (odd the actors are getting nominations, but nothing about the movie itself)
  • Cate's probably going to take it, but I like either Saorise or Alicia for the win
  • J-Law (WINNER!) for "Joy"
  • Melissa McCarthy for "Spy"
  • Amy Schumer for "Trainwreck" (I'd also accept her winning. Well-deserved)
  • Maggie Smith for "Lady in the Van" (what lady? and why she is in the van? What is this movie? ...and of course if she wins, she won't be there to accept the award...)
  • Lily Tomlin for "Grandma" (HUH?)
  • Jane Fonda for "Youth" (again, WHAT?)
  • Jennifer Jason Leigh for "The Hateful Eight" (why that this movie's only nomination?... except for writing and score)
  • Helen Mirren for "Trumbo"
  • Alicia Vikander for "Ex Machina" (why wasn't Oscar Isaac nominated for this movie when everyone said he was so brilliant in it?'d be interesting if she won for this AND "The Danish Girl" in the same night. Has that ever happened?)
  • Kate Winslet for "Steve Jobs" (I heard she was brilliant...)
Aside from all that...

Lots of great "Best Original Songs"...
Despite the movie it came from (and how it doesn't quite match the subject matter), I really want to see "Love Me Like You Do" win... it's such a beautiful song that sweeps me off my feet every time I hear it.

But "See You Again" is a strong contender because it's a tribute to someone who died. And of course "Writing on the Wall" because it's a Bond theme and it's freaking Sam Smith singing it. (Oddly, it took me a while to come around with him... namely because all of his songs are whiny and weepy... kinda like the male version of Adele. I'd take Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran over them any day...)

For best animated film... "Inside Out" will probably win (and I'll probably keep kicking myself that I didn't see it... I don't know why. I just didn't have any interest).
I read one review of "The Good Dinosaur" that said it wasn't as good as all the other Pixar films... so I wonder why it got nominated at all.
My sister saw "The Peanuts Movie" and wants to see it win, obviously.
I heard all this praise for "Shaun the Sheep" but it never played here that I remember...

Why are all these supposed good movies ones that aren't even available to everyone? I get this happens every year (along with all the nominees being movies that aren't even in theaters yet)... but it just seems unfair.
You know, the majority of ticket sales are the result of business from NORMAL people. The other 99% that don't have Hollywood connections.

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