Wednesday, November 12, 2014

101 Movie Project: Acknowledgements

I don't really have any idea how popular this blog is. How many people have actually read my entries and enjoyed what I've had to say over the past two years.

But before I get to my final movie, I feel some thank you's are in order.

All of these movies came to my attention for one reason or another.
Some were movies people recommended, others were favorites of my family.

it was all thanks to randomness and coincidence.
94. Singin' in the Rain
86. Bring it on
81. The Family Stone
79. Spanglish
75. The Prince of Egypt
68. Back to the future
46. Mrs. Doubtfire
42. Love Actually
37. Miss Congeniality
36. Clueless
28. Legally Blonde
19. Spider-Man
18. Ocean's Eleven
13. Ferris Bueller

All of a sudden, I feel like I need the music Jimmy Fallon plays during his "thank you notes" routine.

101. Little Miss Sunshine
- Thank you, Steve Carrel, for making me laugh in "Anchorman" and making me seek out your other movies
-Thank you, RDJ, for impressing on an interview that small films like this can make just as much an impact as blockbusters

100. The Holiday
-Thank you, "Sherlock Holmes" for casting Jude Law as Watson so I'd be compelled to seek out his other movies [this is still the only other one I LIKED]

99. The Wizard of Oz
-Thank you, childhood, for making this part of my movie repertoire at an early age

98. Anastasia
-Thank you, childhood, for another great movie and a wonderful soundtrack

97. Butch & Sundance
-Thank you RDJ and Jude Law for comparing your characters' dynamic [Sherlock and Watson] to these guys so I'll look into it to understand what they meant

96. Rebel without a cause
-Thank you, Lady Gaga, for referring James Dean in "Speechless" so I'd one day check him out

95. 8 Heads in a Duffel Bag
-Thank you, random coincidence

93. Angels in the Outfield
-Thank you, VHS of "The Lion King" for including this among the trailers

92. The Emperor's New Groove
-Thank you, Disney, for getting me hooked on renting your newest movie after they're released

91. Austin Power: The Spy who Shagged me
-Thank you, random coincidences
1) the movie playing at a family party in 2003
2)the movie being on TV after watching "The Exorcist" and using one of its quotes in hilarious fashion [even though it didn't help me sleep that night]

90. Fan Boys
-Thank you, HBO/Cinemax/Comedy Central, for randomly airing this movie and hooking me as an already established Star Wars fan

89. Confessions of a Shopaholic
-Thank you, "Wedding Crashers," for introducing me to Isla Fisher and encouraging me to look out her other movies [like with Jude Law, hadn't really found any/or any I'd liked]

88. Step-Mom
-Thank you, "Sucker Punch," for giving me my girl crush on Jena Malone so I'd give this movie another closer look

87. In the land of women
-Thank you, "The O.C.," for introducing me to Adam Brody (Seth Cohen) so I'd look into his post-O.C. movies [again, this is the only one I've found and it's probably for the best]

85. Just like Heaven
-Thank you, "Legally Blonde," for making me fall in love with Reese Witherspoon
-Thank you, Mark Ruffalo, for bringing me back to this movie more than just a couple times ;)

84. In Her Shoes
-Thank you, dad, for recommending this movie you saw in-flight

83. The Devil Wears Prada
-Thank you, "The Princess Diaries," for introducing me to Anne Hathaway and follow her to her other films [still my favorite non-Disney role of hers, but unlike the above, she's more than a one-hit wonder for me]

82. The Princess Diaries
-Thank you, mom, for convincing me to give this movie a chance [I was skeptical about it for some reason]

80. The Neverending Story
-Thank you, my 1st grade teacher Mrs. Skinner, for showing us this movie in class

78. Ghost
-Thank you, mom, for introducing me to this movie

77. Trading Places
-Thank you, Eddie Murphy, for being flippin' hilarious and bringing me here

76. Top Gun
-Thank you, USA Karate Centers, for playing the soundtrack during our drills

74. Willy Wonka
-Thank you, childhood, for airing this on TV frequently and making it another part of me

73. Batman Forever
-Thank you, Jim Carrey, for making me laugh in the mid-90's and bringing me here

72. Rain Man
-Thank you, Tropic Thunder, for referencing this movie in the "full retard" conversation
-Thank you, RDJ, for recommending watching this movie every couple years

71. The Hunger Games
-Thank you, Harry Potter, for getting me hooked on book-to-movie adaptations
-Thank you, Lions Gate, for making this trailers look so amazing I couldn't resist [even though I spent several months opposing the books, thinking I wouldn't like them]

70. A League of Their Own
-Thank you, mom, for recommending this movie

69. Bridesmaids
-Thank you, Ellen DeGeneres, for obsessing so much about this movie on your show that I had to see it to see if it was worth the hype [obviously it was]

67. Hell-Boy 2
-Thank you, Stockton animé club, for showing this movie

66. My Cousin Vinny
-Thank you, Ralph Macchio, for making me fall in love with you in "The Karate Kid" so I'd see your other movies [one of 4 good ones]

65. Inception
-Thank you, everyone, who hyped about this movie and its kick-ass special effects and dizzying storyline

64. Zombieland
-Thank you, Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone [something one of you guys did got me really excited about seeing this movie]

63. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
-Thank you, HBO, for airing this before Lady Gaga's "Monster Ball" special because you knew I had some time to kill beforehand ;)
-Thank you, Lady Gaga, for getting me to HBO that Saturday night

62. The Artist
-Thank you, RDJ, for introducing me to Charlie Chaplin and getting me interested in silent movies

61. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
-Thank you, Disney, for making this look amazing [although I can't quite explain how they did that]

60. The Hangover
-Thank you, my co-workers at the microbiology lab I used to work at for hyping about this movie when it was in theaters

59. She's out of my league
-Thank you, Tropic Thunder, for introducing me to Jay Baruchel

58. Charlie Bartlett
-Thank you, YouTube user, who posted "Robert Downey Jr. Freak Out Scene" which I found among dozens of RDJ clips in February 2011 [after I crossed over to "fangirl" mode]... I'd have posted their username, but the video no longer exists

57. School of Rock
-Thank you, Tropic Thunder, for convincing me to give this movie another look [like with "Step-mom," it facilitated the crossover from like to love]

56. The Great Dictator
-again, thank you, RDJ, for introducing me to Charlie Chaplin
-Thank you, YouTube, for posting it

55. Jurassic Park
-Thank you, dad, for taking me to see this movie when I was a kid

54. Sweeny Todd
-Thank you, Johnny Depp, for being amazing and this being another example of that

53. Phantom of the Opera
-Thank you, to my family, for us seeing this movie on Broadway

52. Freedom Writers
-Thank you, movie trailer makers, for making this look like an Oscar-winner [I still believe it should have gotten something]

51. The Avengers
-Thank you, RDJ, for getting me here
-Thank you, Marvel Studios, for releasing amazing origin story movies for "Thor" and "Captain America" to prep me for this bad boy

50. 12 Angry Men
-Thank you, "Hey Arnold," for paying homage to this movie in an episode [an allusion I eventually had to investigate]

49. SuckerPunch
-Thank you, Pocono Movieplex, for showing this trailer multiple times in late 2010 and cementing in my head it was something I HAD to see

48. My Fair Lady
-Thank you, my high school choir teacher Ms. Cloak, for choosing this musical for us to produce my junior year

47. Aladdin
-Thank you, dad, for picking this as my first ever trip to the movies

45. Romey & Michelle
-Thank you, Family Channel, for showing this movie

44. Road to El Dorado
-Thank you, movie trailer makers, for knowing how to promote this movie [great animation and more music from Elton John]

43. Spaceballs
-Thank you, to my family, for introducing me to this movie

41. Midnight in Paris
-Thank you, my oddball subconscious, for having me dream about being in a relationship with Rachel McAdams and cheating on her with Owen Wilson [as a result, I bought the movie without seeing it beforehand... best gamble I ever made]

40. Balto
-Thank you, childhood, for making this an integral part of me

39. 50 First Dates
-Thank you, Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, for making this movie look good [and for the record, I have not seen "The Wedding Singer" and don't plan on it]

38. Mulan
-Thank you, Disney, for making this look so good in the trailers

35. The Hurt Locker
-Thank you, Avengers, for giving a reason to determine if this deserved Best Picture over "Avatar" [great movie, but the answer's still NO]

34. Black Swan
-Thank you, everyone, who raved about the lesbian sex scene in this movie
-Thank you, dad, for having a lot of good things to say about it

33. The DaVinci Code
-Thank you, dad, for recommending the book and later taking us to see the movie

32. Easy A
-Thank you, Pocono Movieplex, for showing the trailer for this movie in early 2010

31. Pretty Woman
-Thank you, mom, for recommending this movie

30. Some like it hot
-Thank you, mom, for recommending this movie

29. The Karate Kid
-Thank you, to my family, for thinking to rent this movie from the library to show me [as a newly minted karate student]

27. Mean Girls
-Thank you, Lindsay Lohan, for being awesome [the third and best of her movies I saw in that span of 2 years]

26. Fantastic Mr. Fox
-Thank you, HBO, for making this your featured Saturday night movie

25. Sherlock Holmes
-Thank you, Tropic Thunder, for introducing me to Robert Downey Jr. [and this being his next project after I discovered his awesomeness]

24. The Princess Bride
-Thank you, mom, for recommending this movie [despite whatever reservations I had]
-Thank you, my 7th grade art teacher, for showing this movie in class [don't know why we had movie days but we did]

23. Finding Nemo
-Thank you, Pixar, for never putting a foot wrong with your movies

22. The Nightmare Before Christmas
-Thank you, Kingdom Hearts, for making HalloweenTown one of the worlds

21. Anchorman
-Thank you, movie trailer makers, for making this Will Ferrell movie look freaking hilarious [outside Ron Burgundy, I'm still not a huge fan of his]

20. Avatar
-Thank you, everyone, who hyped about this movie and all its kick-ass visual effects

17. The Land Before Time
-Thank you, childhood, for having this be a huge part of it

16. The Lion King
-Thank you, Disney, for making this look amazing at the back of "Aladdin" [which, in itself, was amazing]

15. Beverly Hills Cop
-Thank you, my late uncle Jerry, for having this as one of your favorite movies [by the time I saw it, he'd been done for a couple years, but I think my renting it had something to do with him ;)]

14. Iron-Man
-Thank you, my aunt Susie, for lending us the DVD and recommending it

12. Stars Wars
-Thank you, mom, for introducing me to this movie and the Star Wars universe

11. Harry Potter
-Thank you, movie trailer makers, for finally convincing me to read the book [despite years of resisting for no good reason]

10. City Lights
-one last time, thank you RDJ, for introducing me to Charlie Chaplin
-and thank you, YouTube, for posting the movie

9. The Shawshank Redemption
-Thank you, people who voted like crazy for this movie for every possible Reelz Top 10 list this could be part of

8. Goodfellas
-Thank you, Duane Allman, for the "bird call' at the end of "Layla." [I fell so in love with the song, I saw it on YouTube multiple times, and read in the comments it was used in this movie for a montage]

7. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
-Thank you, James Lipton, for including this movie in your conversation with Robert Downey Jr. "Inside the Actor's Studio"

6. Inglorious Basterds
-Thank you, Showtime, for airing this movie on a Saturday night

5. Pulp Fiction
-Thank you, Quentin Tarantino, for making "Inglorious Basterds" so awesome I had to see this movie [which is touted as quintessential]

4. Purple Rain
-Thank you, dad, for making me sit through this movie even though it was already halfway over :P

3. Tropic Thunder
-Thank you, movie trailer makers, for making this movie look so hilarious I almost saw it in theaters

2. Spirited Away
-Thank you, The Academy, for giving it the Oscar for Best Animated Film [I might not have found the motivation to check it out otherwise]

Notable Tallies:
None of the Above- 14
Other celebrities- 13
Robert Downey Jr. [RDJ]-8
Other movies/TV- 8
Movie studios-7
Mom- 7
family, etc- 6
Tropic Thunder-5
Movie trailer makers-5
TV channels-5
Lady Gaga- 2

So this leaves me with my final movie... my family can probably guess by process of elimination but for everyone else [if an "everyone else" exists]... two hard hints

1) one of the main characters doesn't speak a word for at least the first 30 minutes
2) the movie's title is the last line

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Lou Bona said...

Star Wars - you can thank me for introducing the universe to mom, who introduced it to you