Tuesday, January 1, 2013

101 Project: Introduction

I suppose the comments will start coming in if I keep going with the Facebook posts and tweets. A couple months ago, I said that active January 1st 2013, I was going to get on this thing. At least make it a weekly thing.

I wrote something of an introduction for this a couple of months ago... obviously, given my football analogy, it is subject to change, but my point is still the same:

A person's tastes in movies helps define them, so I'm going to spend at least an entry a week over however long it takes to go through my favorites. 

Wrote this on the eve of "selection" with some cuts to save time: 

I kinda feel like a football fan ready to pick out their fantasy team, minus the competition. I’ve been a football fan since the year the Dallas Cowboys beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the SuperBowl… and I never forgave them for it.

[Although it doesn't carry much relevance now with the play-offs all set] I’d pick Eli Manning as my quarterback.

            Why Eli?, some critics would ask. They say he’s turnover prone and of course, there will always be “he ain’t his brother Peyton.” I have watched Eli since his first year with the Giants. He has proved so many critics wrong over the years that it’s sometimes hard to believe there’s still some left. But everyone’s going to have critics. 

I’ve seen Eli mature over these years and he engineered even more comeback victories last season and it’s that perseverance that got them to the SuperBowl and back again. This year, he has continued to impress me. I think that finally, he’s starting to look how a winning quarterback should. Plus he’s got a lot of heart, a big reason why he’s the only quarterback I refer to by his first name, rather than a first AND last name.

[I don't think it was more than a couple weeks after that when the Giants started to fail miserably. But at least Eli isn't as prone to disappointment as Tony Romo seems to be regarding the Cowboys going into the post-season]

            What’s my overall point of all this? This is a testament to the kind of person who’s going to be picking out these movies. I don’t go for the overwhelmingly favored or skilled, at least not all the time. I look for the X-Factor, but I also look for a heart and soul. I look for uniqueness, something that all of us have. I like to give certain films a chance to shine because few others care to. In those cases, I hope my words will change a few minds or at least get people to give some movies second chances. We come with our own personalities, likes and dislikes. Therefore, we have our different tastes in movies that fit into our depths of experience. 

I will have #101 posted by Friday.

And just to give fair warning, these aren't really in any particular order. Ascetically, some movies on this list are better than the ones above them, but they rank lower because we don't agree on quite as many points. Plus there are some I have a lot of history with and others that were ground-breaking for me in one particular area. 

Let's just say that I'm the only one who would bring all those movies together into the same conversation that will transpire over this blog for the next year or so.

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