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Nominations for the 2013 Golden Globes

Here's my source/link for the full list of nominations. If I missed anybody's name either out of lazyness or someone else has the competition lacked up, go here:

[For the record, I'll try to post a new entry once a week, but when it comes to awards season, some things I simply can't wait to post about]

This is coming on the balls of the feet of a very eventful day. December 13th has been significant to me for, well, 13 years now. I think of it as the day I fell in love with my first writing subject slash muse and that resulted in my fanfiction series being as long as it was. A labor of love.
Just found out recently that Taylor Swift isn’t the only celebrity I know/love with this birthday. And I must say that Morris Day looks good for a guy who’s going on 55 today. Hot damn!

Now about the list. I’ll go thru them one category at a time and give my thoughts. But right now it’s pretty predictable. AFI did list a couple as their best movies of the year.

For movie drama, we have Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty, Django Unchained, Argo and Life of Pi.
Lincoln got a whole slew of nominations, so not surprising. Django is a Tarantino film and I saw that coming as well… but you’d think it was more of a comedy than a drama given his style. Argo was beyond predictable, they said it when it was released that it’d be nominated for Best Picture. Life of Pi, I’m kinda surprised its getting this extra buzz, but if Slumdog Millionaire can secure an Oscar win, anything can happen. (No disrespect meant, great movie)

For comedy/musical, or as I’d like to call it the “anything goes as long as its not a drama” category. Hmm… I’m surprised to see a couple on here. “The Best Marigold Hotel” I remember getting some props, but not this much. “Salmon Fishing in Yemen” was another indie film that didn’t make the local theater, but Emily Blunt and Ewan McGregor star, great actors. “Moonrise Kingdom” I’m really excited to see at some point. Wes Anderson, who did that Tenebaums film (which I didn’t care for) and “Fantastic Mr. Fox” which I loved, is a quirky director that almost always uses Owen Wilson and always uses Bill Murray. I’ve heard good things and hope to echo them when I do see it.
Then there’s the easy ones, “Les Miz” which I’m sure will sweep a lot of categories and “Silver Linings Playbook” which I’m personally excited to see… but for some odd reason I don’t feel like going into town and paying the extra bucks for it.

Best director… all big names… Ben Affleck has a great shot as does Spielberg for Lincoln, and Ang Lee could be a good spoiler. Kathryn Bigelow, I’m not so sure if she deserves this prize… at least not in the Oscars. Tarantino, I’m not sure how much of a shot he has, but never say never, I guess. It’ll be a toss-up between Ben Affleck and Spielberg.

Now onto the BIG ones… best actor in a drama

Daniel Day-Lewis is the front-runner, has been since they premiered the trailer. I think he’s a shoe-in. Aside from him, we have… whoa, where’d all these names come from? Denzel got one for “Flight” that has otherwise been blasted, Joaquin Phoenix for “The Master” the rumored “Scientology” film… not sure how much of a shot he has, but I wouldn’t rule it out, supposing Day-Lewis doesn’t win. Richard Gere, I don’t remember “Arbitrage” at all so I’ve got nothing for that. John Hawkes in “The Sessions”… I hear that movie’s brilliant and I think it could get the indie slot for the Oscar nominations along with “Silver Linings Playbook” and he could be a potential spoiler, the only one here that I think could possibly top Daniel Day-Lewis.

Best actor in a musical/comedy…
Jack Black in “Bernie”… something of an odd-ball film, I hear and he’s an odd-ball character… interesting
Bradley Cooper in “Silver Linings Playbook” understood, although I think he should have gotten something for “The Words”… he was EXCELLENT in that
Hugh Jackman in “Les Miz”… predictable, but hopefully it’ll give him a win ;)
Bill Murray as FDR in that “Hyde Park” film… I thought that was a drama, but then again, really can’t compete with that category anyway. And Ewan McGregor from the “Salmon Fishing” flick… that looks like another odd film, but maybe not dramatic enough for the other category

Best actress in a drama…
Jessica Chastain, has a good shot this time for being the female lead in the Bigelow film
Marion Collitard for “Rust and Bone” never heard of it, but she’s good for the nom
Helen Mirren in “Hitchcock”… eh…
Naomi Watts in “The Impossible”… don’t know anything about this film yet so I can’t say my thoughts either way and Rachel Weisz for “The Deep Blue Sea”…
yeah, I’ll give it to Jessica Chastain because I really have nothing else to go on

Best actress in a “anything goes” film…
God forbid Meryl Streep wins again…this time it isn’t for a drama, but for “hope springs”… which I didn’t hear too much about after its release. Still want to see it, though
Jennifer Lawrence with her 2nd nomination from “Silver Linings”… I love her :-P hope she wins
Judi Dench in the “Marigold Hotel”… has a good shot at it
Maggie Smith in “The Quartet”… I think its about a group of string musicians over a series of years… somehow I get the feeling she won’t be at the awards even if she does win… and another one for “Salmon Fishing”- Emily Blunt

Of course they can’t split the supporting roles or we’d be here all night…

Supporting actors include:
Alan Arkin in “Argo”, Leo DiCaprio in “Django”, Philip Seymour Hoffman in “The Master”, Tommy Lee Jones in “Lincoln” and Christoph Waltz in “Django”…
Now that’s competitive…
I love Leo, but this will most likely go to Philip Seymour Hoffman… unless Christoph Waltz musters up that charm of his to make a steal… great actor, that one

Supporting actresses include:
Amy Adams “The Master,” (didn’t know she was in that), Sally Field “Lincoln” (LOL, maybe I should just stop there cuz she’ll win), Anne Hathaway in “Les Miz” (Oh, back-up… I don’t think she’ll have this big a chance at getting an Oscar again, so she’s my personal favorite for the award), Helen Hunt in “The Sessions” (I hear its her best film), and Nicole Kidman in “The Paper Boy”
COMPETITIVE again, omg… didn’t think anything would top last year with Jessica Chastain, Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer as front-runners…
I’d love Anne Hathaway to win, but its more likely gonna go to Sally Field or Helen Hunt

Best screenplay:
Zero Dark Thirty, Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook, Django and Argo…
Phew… umm… Lincoln is most likely, Silvering Linings for the spoiler

Foreign film, can’t comment cuz I probably wont see any of them… although Marion Cotillard is in “Rust & Bone”

Animated film:
Brave, Frankenweenie, Hotel Transylvania, Wreck-it Ralph and Rise of the Guardians…
hmm… Brave, definitely gonna take this and the Oscar

Best song and score, can’t really comment… but I think John Williams will take it for Lincoln (the dude’s always brilliant)

For TV… I really don’t care so much… I’m sure Modern Family will win their category like they always do… sucks to be Big Bang Theory…
Homeland will be a favorite for the dramas, but Breaking Bad gets a lot of praise too

Best mini-series or movie… haven’t seen any of them…
Hatfields & McCoys is only logical, but so is “The Girl” which I heard was amazing

Best actor… Buscemi, Cranston, Jon Hamm, Jeff Daniels and Damian Lewis from Homeland… it’ll go to Buscemi or Cranston cuz they’ve been honored before
Best actress in a drama… Claire Danes is the favorite for sure, but it could also go to Juliana Margulies for “The Good Wife”

Best actor in a comedy… Sheldon Cooper gets another nomination, and cuz Modern Family doesn’t have a nominee, he has another shot for a 3rd golden globe.  Last year it went to Matt LeBlanc for playing an exaggerated version of himself, he could possibly win again… Louis CK has had kind of a big year at the Emmys so he could take it… Alec Baldwin, I sincerely hope not

Best actress in a comedy… of course I’ll cheer on my girl Zooey Deschanel, but she’s in tough company with Golden Globe co-hosts Fey & Poehler…and Julia Louis Dreyfus won last year

Best actor in a mini-series/movie… either Kevin Costner for his “Hatfields and McCoys” or Toby Jones for “The Girl”… that Hitchcock HBO film
Best actress in same category… Julianne Moore won the Emmy for playing Sarah Palin in “Game Change”… I anticipate a repeat performance, no matter how much I dislike that woman

Supporting actor… LOL, Schmidt from “New Girl” got nominated, but I don’t think he can compete with greats like Ed Harris, Mandy Patinkin… and of course the mandatory Modern Family nominee Eric Stonestreet… I can’t help but wonder if he’s only here because the show’s popular and he’s a straight man playing the arguably more flamboyant part of the show’s gay couple…  when the same people win all the time, I just get bored 

Supporting actress… Sofia Vegarra is probably a shoe-in to win cuz she’s on Modern Family… the others from Homeland and Nashville… I don’t think there’s really any point in talking about spoilers…
Maybe Modern Family’s grip on Hollywood is a liberal thing, I really don’t know… I hope The New Normal starts racking up the nominations a couple years from now because that’s a great new show.

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